Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Salt (15)

Starring Angelina Jolie and Directed by Phillip Noyce
I bought the extended edition of this film for £5 at Sainsburys supermarket. Well I was told that this film was a big disappointment by a friend (who hadn't seen it) and was not expecting such an amazing action packed movie when I watched it. Jolie is fantastic in this movie, a real female action hero and she does it so well. Fantastic fight scenes and action throughout this movie and a great twist to the story. Another must for any action fans, in my opinion this film doesn't disappoint on any level, it's like Lara Croft on steroids and it works. For £5 you get a lot of movie for your bucks, go out and buy it. The DVD has some good Special Features, including "The ultimate female action hero", "Spy Disguise: The looks of Evelyn Salt (Jolie) and Radio interview and Audio Commentary with director Phillip Noyce.
Daily Star rates this movie 10/10 and I'm not far behind at 9/10 for this

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